Fun to Learn

Fun to Learn is an educational toy brand targeting children from birth till 12 years old. Presenting the best education concepts and valuable content through fun and joy means is the main prospect that drives Fun to Learn products and their expansion plan. As we believe that parents’ selection of any educational toy is not only based on product quality but also on valuable, effective and localized content, Fun to Learn takes each and every one of these aspects with utmost care and seriousness. Attention to details, material selectivity, expert involvement, academic proven methods and a lot of quality time for our children are the pillars that make Fun to Learn the most favorable education brand for customer parents. Fun to Learn uses the most advanced and beneficial technologies to help our children absorb and learn all concepts needed to advance their knowledge and skills and explore their best potentials.

Brand Milestones

The start was in 2004, when Fun to Learn unleashed its first 5 items in the Gulf market. The spread targeted the Arab Gulf, North Africa and Levant region countries. The line expanded to 13 items when Fun To Learn launched a six new items specially designed for babies and toddlers. The first licensed product under Fun to Learn was launched in 2008 by Fulla Animated House item. French was added to existing English and Arabic products in 2009 with 3 new items. In 2010, our range is planned to reach more than 25 items with many different areas of skills and knowledge. And our targeted group of children will be extend to include children from birth to 12 years old.

Quality & Safety

Safety Fun to learn is committed to bringing safe and high-quality educational toys. Fun to Learn products comply with the highest worldwide safety standards. Through rigorous testing, we maintain strict control and supervision over the quality of our products to ensure we provide best educational toys. All of our products are compatible with European and GCC standards.