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  • Light & Sound Phonics New

    Help your child to learn a new entire language. This game uses audio- visual stimuli and lots of fun activities which encourge and direct the child to learn kindly. Your child can learn the Arabic & English languages together with Light & Sound Phoneics.

    Learning Benefits
  • Notebook

    A game inspired from portable computer devices with real keyboard and mouse exactly like the adults' devices. This game offers suitable environment to fulfill children desires in imitating adult's behaviour to acquire knowledge beside fun and amusement. 4 game modes teach child letters, numbers, quantities and colors in addition to listening to beautiful tunes, music and songs in English and Arabic.

  • Sing 'N Learn Microphone

    "Sing 'N Learn", bilingual microphone. Give the microphone to your child to obtain fun and entertainment together. The game goal is to identify children with colors, musical instruments and animals through 3 game modes. Microphone Mode: It amplifies sounds and produces entertaining sounds of musical instruments along with many characters. Music mode: Works on encouraging children to sing using the amplifier with the ability to choose one song out of 7 different songs related to one of the characters. Quiz mode: By pressing on the quiz button the game will ask you a question and repeat it after 10 seconds if the child does not answer on it by using the right button or the wrong button or the spinning rim. An amazing game enriches child's knowledge and skills.

  • TP Maracas

    ? Have fun shaking the maracas and listening to fun music and sounds!? What a couple!!!? Press on the male maracas hat to trigger lively music... ? now open his mouth to get him to sing along... ? And shake him to add fun sound effects? Or shake the female maracas to hear fun rattling soundfunctions.

  • TP Xylo Maestro

    When typing on his colorful buttons with your fingers or with the wand it triggered melodies and sound effects very funny! For sound effects solo, you have to turn the wheel! If one pulls on his tongue, he sings loudly!

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About Fun To Learn

Fun to Learn is an educational toy brand targeting children from birth till 12 years old. Presenting the best education concepts and valuable content through fun and joy means is the main prospect that drives Fun to Learn products and their expansion plan. As we believe that parents’ selection of any educational toy is not only based on product quality but also on valuable, effective and localized content, Fun to Learn takes each and every one of these aspects with utmost care and seriousness. Attention to details, material selectivity, expert involvement, academic proven methods and a lot of quality time for our children are the pillars that make Fun to Learn the most favorable education brand for customer parents. Fun to Learn uses the most advanced and beneficial technologies to help our children absorb and learn all concepts needed to advance their knowledge and skills and explore their best potentials.